Our Customers Say ... 

"We have not sent 1 truck to the dealer since the work has been done ... Daniel Nash"


Daniel Nash
Mack Anthony Trucking

"These guys do wonderful work. I was the person that walked by their booth at the Dallas truck show for years, saying that would be nice to have on my truck. Now with my PDI system it's a world of improvement. Big Shop has done 3 trucks for us, and all the trucks are doing great and improved in all aspects. What PDI has done for us is amazing. We have not sent 1 truck to the dealer since the work has been done. So when Big Shop tells you they can fix your Regen problems. Everything they tell you is TRUE."

"These guys know trucks & are passionate about their jobs" ... Ryan Hooten


Ryan & Deedee Hooten, Ryan's Feed & Trucking,  Brock, Texas

"Ryan’s Feed and Trucking is very happy to have found Big Shop.  This shop is an hour drive from our yard, but when our trucks need to go into the shop it is well worth the drive. Their mechanics are very knowledgeable and quickly identify and resolve the issue.  Many shops lack common sense and hands on experience when it comes to pinpointing a problem. Not at Big Shop. These guys know trucks and are passionate about their jobs.  We have never baulked at the bottom line on the invoices either.  They are extremely fair, do not overcharge on parts and don’t mess around on labor by taking several days to weeks to complete a fix. We will never take our Peterbilts to anywhere but to Big Shop.  Keep up the great work and thank you.

"I always feel engaged & informed throughout the entire process" ... Don Rowell


Don Rowell, Don Rowell Trucking, Woodbine, GA

"I spend a lot of my maintenance dollar at the Big Shop in Grand Prairie. They make a quick and accurate diagnosis of your problem and give you a good idea of how long the repair will take. Grand Prairie is located near all major parts outlets. The Big Shop has performed minor repairs and major engine work for me. I aways feel engaged and informed throughout the entire process. Marc has said to me, "Just give me an idea of the look you are trying achieve, the upgrade you want or the repair you need and we can make it happen!" Thanks so much to Marc , Mitch and the whole crew at Big Shop Diesel Services.

"Big Shop is the go-to shop for quality engine work" ... Craig


Craig M, Specialized Transport Services

"Big Shop Customs is the go to shop for quality engine work. Marc and his crew keep me informed on repairs needed and estimated time of completion. A big thanks to Big Shop Customs for keeping our trucks where they belong - On the road.

"the truck is doing AMAZINGLY well" ... Victor


Victor, Victor's Trucking, Ft. Worth, TX

"Well, let me tell you that the truck is doing AMAZING and I'm very very happy with all you guys did! You were right when you told me that it was going to perform a lot better, thanks for everything!