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Big Shop Diesel's highly trained & 
certified technicians have the expertise and tools to diagnose equipment problems and quickly organize
solutions that put those units back to work.
Big Shop Diesel's well trained and certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to diagnose
truck problems and very quickly put a plan together to get your truck back on the road.  Our technicians are cross trained to work on multiple power trains, like CAT, CUMMINS, DETROIT, & PACCAR.
Our team is prepared to service or repair any truck or component provided by many Original Equipment Manufacturers.



Overhauls for the Long Haul

At the Big Shop, we pride ourselves for crafting the best overhauls in the business. In-Frame or Out-of-frame ... we've got you covered. We've got decades of experience overhauling CAT engines, Cummins Engines, and Detroit Engines. Call us today to learn more about our overhauls 972-590-8565. We'll give you an estimate that is thorough so that they're aren't any surprises when we're finished.





Diesel Performance

Big Shop is the largest PDI Dealer in North America. PDI (Performance Diesel Incorporated). We have a great selections of performance parts ranging from Turbos, Manifolds, Cams, and twin Turbo conversion kits. PDI quality is the best in the business. 



Bumper to Bumper Truck Maintenance

The Texas heat isn't good on trucks, and over time many things can break. We're ready on the standby if you've got something that just isn't working right. Belts, hoses, pesky leaks, or A/C problems. The Big Shop can fix you up! Call us for regular maintenance needs at 972-590-8565